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CFP Bi-Annual Meeting June 29 - July 1, 2005

Wednesday 29 June 2005: Plenary Session

Opening Remarks, Agenda, Objectives
David Clark (CFP), David Cleevely (CRN)

Session 1: Games, Space and Life

Chris Cookson, New Technologies and the Film Industry

Sandy Pentland, Project Mercury: A mobile wireless testbed to understand the future

Session 2: Will Networks Work?

Simson Garfinkel, Will Networks Work? User-Centered Security in a Networked World

Helen Margetts, The Structure of E-government

Session 3: Sector Structure and Innovation

Charley Fine, Core-Edge Oscillations and Value Chain Dynamics

Philip Langsdale, Innovation in Broadcasting

Barbara van Schewick, Presentation slides to follow

Session 4: Open Wireless

Michael Marcus, Observations on Communications Policy and Economic Growth

Esme Vos

Ian White, Open Wireless Points of Presence: Distributed Antenna Networks

Will Stewart, Presentation slides to follow

Session 5: European Broadcast Flag

Cory Doctorow

Session 6: The Big Questions

Peter Cochrane, David Probert, Jon Crowcroft & David Clark

Thursday 30 June 2005: Working Groups

Denial of Service Working Group

Mark Handley, Introduction

Adam Greenhalgh, Mark Handley & Felipe Huici, Using Routing and Tunnelling to Combat DoS Attacks
Replacing gTLD and tTLD with a p2p system

Jon Crowcroft

Bob Briscoe, Denial-of-Service Resistant Internet - progress

Martin Koyabe, Registry of Attacks and Defences

Core Edge Working Group

Charley Fine

Photonics Working Group

Ian White, Richard Penty

Alwyn Seeds & Frederic Lucarz, Gigabit/s Wireless-over-Fibre Systems

David Nugent, Fostering the Next Generation Network: Regulations for a Modern Society

Pierpaolo Ghiggino, Fiber in Access - a necessary revolution?

Broadband Working Group

Sharon Gillett, Broadband Working Group overview, The Broadband Incentive Problem

Hossein Moiin, Vision of Personal Broadband

Spectrum & Viral Networks Working Group

Jon Crowcroft & William Lehr, Open Spectrum

William Lehr, Open Spectrum: Economic and Policy Research

Andy Lippman, Viral Communications

David Reed, Liquid Protocols

Dimitris Vyzovitis, Programmable Peer-to-Peer Systems

Friday 1 July 2005: Working Groups

Richard Steinberg, Eddie Anderson, Frank Kelly, A Contract and Balancing Mechanism for Sharing Capacity in a Communications Network

BGP Working Group

Mark Handley, Jon Crowcroft

Privacy & Security Working Group

Dave Clark, Robert Temple

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