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CFP Bi-Annual Meeting: Philadelphia, PA
May 30-31, 2007

CFP sponsor Comcast hosted the next CFP sponsor meeting on May 30-31, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

1500 Market Street
West Tower 9th Floor
Centre Square Building
Philadelphia, PA 19102


Tuesday, May 29

5:30-7:30 Informal reception for meeting attendees, Solefood Restaurant at the Loews Hotel, 1200 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA, 19107, 215-627-1200

DAY 1 - Wednesday, May 30

8:30 Registration & Breakfast
9:00 CFP Welcome and Agenda Preview: Andy Lippman, MIT
9:10 Comcast Welcome and Keynote Address: Stirring the Digital Cauldron, Steve Craddock, SVP, New Media Development (Slides)
9:40 Defining a future network: An international research agenda David Clark, MIT (Slides)
10:10 Interconnection Working Group Brief, Bill Lehr, MIT (Slides)
10:25 Spectrum Working Group Brief, Bill Lehr, MIT (Slides)

10:40 Coffee Break

11:10 Viral Communications Working Group Brief, David Reed, MIT (Slides)
11:30 Structures and Opportunities for Communications, Andy Lippman, MIT (Slides)
11:35 Cellphones for selfish users, Elan Pavlov, MIT (Slides)
11:40 Optical Broadband Working Group Brief, Rajeev Ram, MIT (Slides)
11:55 Privacy and Security Working Group Brief, Karen Sollins, MIT (Slides)

12:10 Lunch

1:30 The Fractal world of Post-Broadband Television: Shelly Palmer, Advanced Media Ventures and author of Television Disrupted (Slides)
2:00 Self-Serve Television: Eric Elia, VP, Programming & Design, Brightcove (Slides)
2:30 Value Chain Dynamics Working Group Brief, Charlie Fine, MIT

2:45 Coffee Break

3:00 Next Generation Access, Ivan Boyd, British Telecom (Slides)
3:30 New working groups discussion
4:00 Executive Committee Meeting

6:30 CFP dinner for all participants, Twenty21 Restaurant, 2005 Market Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103, (215) 851-6262

DAY 2 - Thursday, May 31

8:00 Registration & Breakfast

8:30 Working Group Sessions

CFP working groups gather to discuss their progress and deteermine their research agendas going forward

  Stream 1 Stream 2

Value Chain Dynamics working group semiannual workshop (I)
Charlie Fine

Privacy & Security working group
Karen Sollins


8:40 Video Value Chains case study: Natalie Klym, MIT (Slides)

9:40 Value Network Dynamics in 3G-4G Wireless Communication: Charlie Fine, MIT & Margherita Pagani, Bocconi University (Slides)

8:30 Introduction: Karen Sollins, MIT

8:35 Application Design and the End-to-End Arguments, Dave Clark, MIT (Slides)

9:05 Privacy and Trust for Network Identieis Manish Dave, Intel (Slides)

9:25 Thinking about Privacy and Security in a Mobile Virtual Internet for the MIT Community, Dave Reed, MIT (Slides)

9:45 A Research Agenda for the PrivSec Research Group, Dirk Trossen, BT (Slides)

10:00 Discussion moderated by Dirk Trossen and Karen Sollins

10:30 Coffee Break

Value Chain Dynamics working group semiannual workshop (II)
Charlie Fine

Interconnection working group (I)
William Lehr


11:00 The end of core: Should disruptive innovation in telecom invoke discontinuous regulatory response? Chintan Vaishnav, MIT (Slides)

11:45 Integration of continuous education in the value chain: Roberto Saracco, Telecom Italia (Slides)

11:00 Introduction & Status Report: Bill Lehr, MIT

11:30 Interconnection: An Economic Perspective, Peyman Faratin, MIT (Slides)

1:00 Lunch

Viral Communications working group
Andy Lippman/David Reed


Interconnection working group (II)
Bill Lehr


2:00 Computational Economics, Elan Pavlov, MIT (Slides)

2:00 Open discussion of research topics, agenda and logistics moderated by Bill Lehr

4:00 Closing Remarks, Andy Lippman, MIT

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