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CFP Bi-Annual All-Members' Meeting
October 23-24, 2008, Le Meridien Hotel - Cambridge, MA

          1:30-2:15           A global view of security issues: Andrew McLaughlin, Google

          2:15-3:00          Talking about vs talking to: Effective networking in a natural disaster: Van Jacobson, PARC

          3:00-3:15          Summary remarks: Andy Lippman, MIT Media Lab

          3:15-3:45           Break

          3:45-5:00            CFP Working Group reports

          • Viral Communications: Andy Lippman & David Reed, MIT
          • Value Chain Dynamics: Charlie Fine, MIT
          • Privacy and Security: Karen Sollins, MIT
          • Interconnection: Bill Lehr, MIT

       *Please note that Judith Donath and Thomas Sander requested that their presentations not be posted on our website. If you would like more information please contact these speakers directly.

          October 24/08

          8:30-9:00         Registration, Continental Breakfast

                                     Value Creation and the Social Web

          9:00-9:45         Technology and social capital: Thomas Sander, Harvard Kennedy School*

          9:45-10:45       Social TV case study: Natalie Klym, MIT and Marie Jose Montpetit, Motorola

    10:45-11:00         Break

          11:00-11:30         CFP Group discussion & wrap up: Andy Lippman, MIT Media Lab

          11:30-12:30         Lunch

                                       Value Chain Dynamics Working Group break out session

            12:30-1:30        The evolution of social networks, case study proposal: Natalie Klym, MIT


          1:30-2:30           Who Will Profit from Social TV Service?
                                       Chintan Vaishnav, MIT and Marie Jose Montpetit, Motorola

          12:30-2:30          Viral Communications Working Group break out session (held at the MIT Media Lab)

                                         This design workshop will focus on thinking through possible ways we can integrate our work                                          into the evolving mechanisms of the "Third Cloud" technologies of wireless, ad-hoc use of                                          resources centered around us - The Network of We, not I. This will help us understand the                                          challenges and opportunities in making use of context and identity in mobile social                                          applications. We will consider scenarios of interaction in mobile social applictions. We will                                          consider scenarios of interaction in The Street, The Interior, and The Home (and perhaps,                                          The Prairie), where techologies enhance social awareness and interaction among people who                                          are closely tied, and loosely tied.