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Internet Architecture Working Group

Led by: David Clark (MIT)

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The architectural foundations of the Internet were laid down in the 1970's and early 1980's. The Internet has grown up in ways that we could not fully envision back then, both in terms of technology, industry structure and commercial practice, and societal concerns. In recent years, the Internet has evolved, not through a process of architectural redesign, but through a process of mutation, accretion of features, and piece-wise redesign, which has in some cases led to inconsistent and incompatible views of what the Internet is and where it is going.

The purpose of this working group is to allow industry and academia to have a series of conversations around the following questions: What are key areas of Internet design which call for an architecturally coherent response to a pressing problem? What is the state of research in these areas? Is this the time to push for a unified response? What is the right process to move the set of stakeholders in a consistent direction?

Research topics include:

*This working group is no longer active, however, papers and presentations are available to our members.

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