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CFP Bi-Annual Meeting: Cambridge, MA
April 14-15, 2010


Day 1: April 14, 2010 - The Tang Center - Building E51 - Wong Auditorium
Corner of Wadsworth and Amherst Streets
Directions to Tang Center and MIT Campus Map

Tang Center

Day 2: April 15, 2010 - The Media Lab Extension- Building E14 - 6th Floor - Room 648 - Silverman Skyline Room
Corner of Amherst and Ames Streets
Directions to Media Lab Extension and MIT Campus Map

Media Lab Extension

To view slides or notes for a presentation, just click on the red link. If the link is black, notes or slides for that presentation were not available to us.


TUESDAY, April 13

4:45 Joint networking reception with Industrial Liason Program, Information and Technology Conference attendees
Location: Building E51 - Tang Center - Wong Auditorium


12:30 Registration and boxed lunch

Andy Lippman, MIT Media Lab - Welcome and Introduction to CFP
SLIDES Social Information and Television,

Keynote address: Scott Dinsdale, EVP Digital Operations and New Technology Sony Media Studies Program
SLIDES The Future of Digitial Media

14:15 William Urichio, Director MIT Comparative Media Studies Program
SLIDES Redefining Television

15:15 Charlie Fine, MIT Sloan School of Management (Value Chain Dynamics WG)
SLIDES Television Reloaded

16:00 David Clark, MIT CSAIL
SLIDES After the Triple Play: A ten-year Plan

16:45 Adjourn

18:00 Reception and Demonstrations at the Media Lab Extension, 3rd Floor, Building E14

19:00 Casual Group Dinner at the Media Lab Extension, 5th Floor, Building E14

DAY 2 - THURSDAY, APRIL 15, 2010

08:30 Continental Breakfast
09:00 Panel: New TV Initiatives - moderated by Charlie Fine

10:45 Steven Bauer, MIT CSAIL
SLIDES Internet Video Traffic: Implications for Architecture, Interconnection and Network Management

11:30 Panel: After the Triple Play - moderated by David Clark NOTES

12:30 Lunch

13:30 Panel: User Behaviors - moderated by Henry Holtzman

14:30 Chintan Vaishnav, Emmanuel Blain, MIT Technology & Policy Program
SLIDES-CV / SLIDES-EB System Dynamics Modeling

15:30 Karen Sollins, MIT and Jim Fenton, Cisco
SLIDES-KS / SLIDES-JF Privacy and Security Working Group Report / Identity Systems

16:00 Andy Lippman, MIT Media Lab
SLIDES People in Places

16:45 Adjourn