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CFP Ultimate Media Workshop, April 24, 2013 - MIT Cambridge, MA

Technology is not the barrier to innovation. Short of telepathy or teleportation, we can invent just about anything. The real issue is the complex of societal forces that shape and give life to the things we invent. The Communications Futures Program (CFP) is a joint program with the Media Lab, The Sloan School of Management, and the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL) that explores the evolution of telecommunications through a multifaceted lens that considers the intersection of behavioral, political, economic, and technical forces. In this session, we focus on the future of visual entertainment and information—as the Media Lab envisions its unrestrained expression in the form of “Ultimate TV”; as the Sloan School charts evolving industry dynamics; and as CSAIL understands its implications for network architecture, broadband economics and policy, and our personal privacy and security.

Notes / Presentations

  • Welcome and Introduction, Andy Lippman
  • Network Implications of the TV Experience, Steve Bauer
  • Privacy/Identity Implications of Social TV, Karen Sollins
  • Industry Dynamics, Natalie Klym
  • Ultimate Media, Andy Lippman