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Broadband Working Group Workshop - November 1, 2005

8:45 am Breakfast and Registration
  Solutions to the Broadband Incentive Problem

Sharon Gillett (MIT) & John Watlington (France Telecom)Welcome and Introduction

William Lehr (MIT): Setting the Stage - Results of 10/4 QoS Workshop
Steven Cassidy (BT) & Dan Dahle (Intel): Proposed Work Item


Cefn Hoile (BT): Flexible Allocation of Bandwidth
Dirk Trossen (Nokia): Discussant
11:15 Steven Bauer (MIT) : Incentive Misalignment under Congestion-based Pricing
12:30 Lunch Break
  Personal Broadband
1:30 pm Dan Dahle (Intel): Vision of Personal Broadband
2:45 Elizabeth Maida (MIT): Towards an Architecture for Personal Broadband
4:00 Wrap up / Next Steps