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CFP 2013 All-Members' Meeting
October 24 @MIT in Cambridge, MA

Building E14
MIT's Media Laboratory - Building E14 on the corner of Ames and Amherst Streets - 6th Floor

What's the Internet For, Anyway?

Given that more than half the traffic (and growing) over the Internet (fixed and mobile) is video content, the discourse around network investment and future design has been dominated by the role of the content providers in the broadband ecosystem. To ISP's the content providers represent both a source of network stress and a potential pool of revenue to be tapped. And to many content providers, the internet is viewed primarily as a new content delivery network with both opportunities and risks. But in fact, not only is the internet used for many other things like e-commerce, the actual amount of revenue generated by the content industry is relatively small compared to the economic value generated by these other activities. In the CFP Fall 2013 plenary, we will explore the significant changes that both the content and broadband industries are going through in their repective industries, but more importantly, in their co-evolutionary relationship. Where do we see our symbiosis and opportunites for collaboration vs conflicts and tussles? How have these dynamics changed over time?


Thursday, October 24

SLIDES / VIDEO    Intro talk, What's the Internet For, Anyway?   David Clark (MIT CSAIL)
NOTES                      Panelists:
                                    Rob Hunter, ESPN
                                    Sam Chernak, Comcast Cable
                                    Hannu Flinck, NSN SLIDES
                                    Tessa Sproule, CBC Digital SLIDES

SLIDESVIDEO   Ultimate Media: Andy Lippman, Henry Holtzman, Mike Bove (MIT ML)

SLIDES / VIDEO    Visions of the Wireless Future: Insights into Emerging Technologies
                                     Dina Katabi (Wireless Center@MIT)

VIDEO / NOTES       Media and Telecom: The Canadian Experience
                                    Ana Serrano, Chief Digital Officer, Canadian Film Centre SLIDES
                                    Tessa Sproule, Director, CBC Digital SLIDES
                                    Caitlin O'Donovan, Director Digital Products, Nelvana/Corus Entertainment SLIDES

SLIDES / VIDEO      Money Flows in the Internet Ecosystem David Clark (MIT CSAIL)

SLIDES / VIDEO      Mobile Broadband Working Group David Clark (MIT CSAIL)

SLIDES / VIDEO       Sports Over IP Charlie Fine (MIT Sloan)

SLIDES / VIDEO      PrivSec Working Group: Trust Frameworks Karen Sollins (MIT CSAIL)