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CFP All-Members' Meeting - May 13-14, 2009
Telecom Italia Future Centre, Venice, Italy

          1:00-1:45        Community-Created Content: Herkko Heitanen, Helsinki Institute for Information Technology

          1:45-2:30        Stalking 2.0: Ian Brown, Oxford Internet Institute

          2:30-3:00        Break

          3:00-3:45        European Research on Future Internet Architectures and Technologies:
                                        Rainer Zimmermann, European Commission

          3:45-4:45        Traffic Data: Economic and Policy Relevance David Clark, Bill Lehr and Steve Bauer, MIT

          4:45-3:00        Closing remarks

          7:00pm            Dinner at La Caravella at the Hotel Saturnia




          May 14, 2009

          8:30-9:00        Continental Breakfast

           9:00-9:15       Institutions and Solutions:  Andy Lippman, MIT

          9:15-10:15      Social Mobility and the 3rd Cloud: David Reed, MIT

          10:30-11:15    Building Social Services: Social TV case study: Natalie Klym, MIT

          11:15-12:00    Information, Identity, Privacy: Social TV as a case study
                                    Karen Sollins, MIT and Dirk Trossen, BT


          12:00-12:30     Closing remarks / Group discussion

          12:30-1:30      Lunch